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Sunshine Oversized Tote Bag Beach Bag


Introducing our vibrant and lively "SUNSHINE Oversized Tote Bag Beach Bag," a remarkable addition to your boutique's collection. Designed by Katydid Wholesale, this tote bag bursts with positivity and energy. The word "SUNSHINE" dances in lively, multicolored letters across the front, spreading warmth and cheer wherever it goes. The fiesta-inspired tassels add a playful and festive touch, while multicolored embroidery adorns other areas, making each bag a unique work of art. This tote is an invitation to embrace sunny days, whether at the beach, pool, or for everyday adventures. Elevate your store's offerings with this joyful and stylish tote, designed to brighten your customers' days and keep them on-trend wherever they go. 21.5" x 15.5" x 8" zipper closure two 7" x 4.5" open pockets one 8" x 6.75" zipper pocket

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