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Old Frosted Florida Sylvie Statement Necklace

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My family used to take vacations to Florida when I was growing up. I remember sitting around while they'd visit friends & talk about 'Old Florida'. "Oh, Stella lives over in ____ that's considered "Old Florida"." During the '80's Florida had been seeing residential boom of new 'track houses'. Old Florida always made me think of Lilly Pulitzer pedal pushers & pink flamingos in front of bungalows. I'm not from Florida so I could have made this up. But this necklace makes me think of 'Old Florida' as well. A mixture of mid-century vintage beads in hot pinks with touches of greens & golds. Shiny & matte. But mostly frosted matte. The beads in this necklace are varied in shape & size for a great, textured look.
Made in United States

LEETIE LOVENDALE IS A JEWELRY LINE BORN OF LEFTOVERS. In 2004, designer & bead store owner, Heather DeSimone discovered a warehouse which wanted to sell it's entire contents of vintage plastic jewelry components. 40,000 lbs of Beads, unfinished hoops, & geometric flat shapes, but most were not bead-store-ready. After researching old manufacturing & hand-making techniques used in the 60's-80's, Heather started Leetie Lovendale. A line of jewelry made modern for today from vintage lucite parts.

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