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Teething Necklace in Blue Gray Spectacle


Moms, Want a beautiful necklace that you can wear out, but it's safe for your little one to chew on and yank?_These silicone beads feel great on baby's sore gums and can be_worn as a statement necklace by mommas. After your kiddo has passed through the teething stage, moms are left with a beautiful, durable piece of jewelry.

These teething necklaces are produced by a team of mommas in_Birmingham, Alabama. They are the must give gift for new mommas, third time mommas, adoptive mommas and can even be worn long after your baby needs a teething device.

The necklaces feature food grade silicone beads, free from harsh chemicals and BPA. The wooden beads are finished with beeswax/olive oil mixture and can be conditioned at home with coconut oil. The beads are strung and knotted on durable satin string and finished with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure. Should your little babe tug too hard the teething necklace will simply pop open.

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