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Opelka Oysters Giclee Art 8x8(art) 14x14 Silver Framed

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Oysters on the half shell custom framed In silver.   

Jill is a fine artist painter from Kansas City.
Every piece of Jill’s art is an original collection, she has a Koi pond on her farm, oyster beds are from her family home in Rhode Island, her Pebble Beach 18 th hole, is from her travels to PB, each piece of her art has a personal story.  The pieces we will be bringing into our shop are all from her original art collection.  The pieces are giclee on canvas.  Jill has decided to reproduce with such care and overseeing quality for over a year. Jill Is working on new artwork all of the time for her clients, and she will carefully choose which to reproduce.  She is only offering her artwork to a limited number of shops...as she believes, as do I, that cool and unique things should be special and limited so they don't become oversaturated.
I truly wish that you could see her work In person.  It is exquisite (and you'll just have to trust my opinion here, but trust it). I will stand behind this endorsement so much so, that If you purchase one of these limited releases and get it into your home and you are not 100% completely over the moon about your purchase, I will absolutely allow you to return it for a full refund.  I can guarantee you will only want to add more to your collection.
It's so difficult to buy great art over the internet without seeing It In person (my locals, get In to the store to see it)! But I hope we've built the type of relationship where you can trust my taste and know that I wouldn't steer you wrong!

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