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Camo Red Stripe Beaded Clutch


UPDATE: We have sold out of our current stock but will be receiving more of these In the next 1.5 weeks.  You can order now from our site and we will ship to you as soon as the next batch arrives.  


When I first saw this In person, I literally gushed over this beaded camouflage 9"x6" clutch.  In fact, I started taking pre-orders while still shopping at the NY gift show and we sold almost 30 of them In 3 days.  We still have some quantity left but limited so I encourage you to purchase soon!  These will arrive around the 3rd week of February at our shop and we will ship to  you immediately.  (Locals can always order and tell me you will be picking up at shop, I will credit your shipping back to you).  If you have already ordered and paid me via PayPal, you are guaranteed your clutch.

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