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Bandit the Raccoon Knit Doll


Bandit the Raccoon knit doll likes to sneak around! Bandit likes to stay up late and then he sneaks around the neighborhood with his mom and all his brothers and sisters. Our raccoon knit doll makes the perfect stuffed animal for snuggling up in bed or playing with your favorite siblings.
This raccoon knit doll is hand made in the Philippines using super soft all natural 100% cotton yarns and eco-friendly dyes which makes for a perfectly safe toy for newborns, toddlers and children of all ages! 12" knit doll *100% Cotton and we use eco-friendly dyes. *Tested 100% safe by the U.S. Product Safety Commission Standards. *100% lovable & huggable but more importantly…machine washable! *Handcrafted in the Philippines by artisans.

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